Cinema for the Scaredy Cat

Growing up, I was always the kid hiding behind the couch during scary movies. In high school, I was the one doing homework in the kitchen while my friends watched horror movies. As an adult, I still leave the room or hide as soon as the music gets intense in an effort to miss the action sequence. These movies aren’t necessarily bad (except, in my opinion, the horror movies), but I just cannot sit through them.
Obviously, it’s been tough to find movies that I can enjoy and even tougher to find ones that my husband and friends will enjoy with me. Maybe some of you have similar problems. Therefore, I will begin sharing any movie or tv gems with you. If you have any great recommendations, please leave them in the comments. Here are a few of my requirements:
  • Minimal violence – I do not mind action, but I do not need to see people get shot/beaten up/tortured…
  • No excessively disturbing plots – the point of a movie should not be to gross people out or horrify them. No need to invent such elaborate crimes or gory ways to die. Those images will stick with the audience.
  • Clothing is preferred – No matter how wonderful the plot may be, I feel bad subjecting my husband to immodesty on the screen.
You get the idea.