Music: A Test for Good Music and JJ Heller

I am picky about music. While I enjoy many secular songs, less than appropriate lyrics ban many of them from my playlist. On the other hand, mushy and/or theologically inaccurate Christian songs drive me crazy, too. To make it onto my playlist, a song must pass the "sing it out loud in public" test: If I would be embarrassed to sing or say the words in public, I should not be listening to it regularly...because, after all, it might actually happen.

As you can imagine, it is tough for me to make a playlist. Therefore, finding quality music that I wouldn't be ashamed to sing to the world is very exciting.

The top of my list right now is JJ Heller's music. Many of her songs are light, happy, and easy to enjoy. "Boat Song" is my favorite. Check it out:

What do you think? Do you have any music suggestions?