Food: Healthy, or Something Like It

I studied website after website. Eat whole grains, avoid all grains. Eat raw fruits and vegetables, eat only organic foods, avoid certain fruits and vegetables. This food is too acidic, that one feeds a dangerous yeast, everything is too processed. By the end of my research, I was stressed out and my mind was all tangled up. Even worse, I had very little idea of what we should actually eat. After a few hours and a good talk with my husband, I felt peace.

We are all going to die. Sorry to break it to you, but the magic diet will not make anyone live forever. And, honestly, a life without ice cream and pizza is a life that we do not really want to live.

I believe that we should be good stewards of everything we have been given. "Everything" includes our bodies, but also our time and resources. Right now, I cannot afford to buy organic, free-range, grass fed, whole grain, etc. I do not love to bake or cook and am not great at it either.

So, I do what is reasonable for us:
  • I buy fruits and vegetables that are on sale. A non-organic carrot has to be better choice than potato chips. Ground turkey has to be better than 75/25 ground chuck. Other options could be better, but the price cannot fit in my grocery budget.
  • I make sourdough bread. According to my research, our bodies can handle sourdough much better than other types of bread. Also, this bread recipe requires three ingredients: water, flour, and salt. I can handle that. [A word of warning: sourdough requires some time]
  • I make granola. This recipe takes me about twenty minutes from start to finish, and I am happy to eat each of the ingredients. To make it a little more healthy, I use coconut oil instead of canola oil.
The recipes you will find on this blog will be inexpensive and simple. Most of them will be somewhat healthy. I hope you enjoy them.

How do you eat well in a cost-effective, simple way?