A Successful Haircut

I like to be prepared. Before going to a haircut appointment, I like to have a picture of the desired look. Unfortunately, those pictures are hard to find. Salon-style pictures aren't realistic, so I usually go for the celebrity pictures (which are more realistic, right?). At least the haircut looks lived in. The bummer is that the celebrities usually look at the camera. What does the back of the haircut look like? Who knows!

In an effort to help people with their picture-finding difficulties, I hope to post pictures after any good haircut.* They are not glamorous, but they are real.

Anyway, here are pictures of my most recent haircut.

WARNING: Showing your stylist a picture does not guarantee a good haircut. Trust me, I know.

*If any of my friends receive a good haircut and want to be on my blog, please email pictures of the front, back, and side to me.