I Pinned, Therefore I Can Accomplish?

You surf through a myriad of pictures, seeking the perfect one. That's it! You pin the picture onto the appropriate board, feeling a sense of accomplishment. It's perfect.

Since pinners and bloggers are normal people, a normal person such as yourself should easily be able to replicate what they have done. Right?

Not so much. I don't know who these people are, but their tasks are often impossible! To be fair, some pins have led me to success. Some point out my obvious inadequacies (chalkboard caligraphy and gourmet chefery are on that list). Others have led me to laughter as people try and fail. My favorite "fails" are the Cookie Monsters and chickadees here.
Since you probably can't identify the object in the picture,
I'll tell you: it was my attempt at a felt peach.

Today, I tried a workout. My muscles have been tense, so I recently pinned a stretch workout. Some nice easy stretches were just the ticket: relaxing, not painful. Or so I thought. While attempting to put my head on the ground while placing one foot where my head should be, I laughed out loud. That one wasn't going to happen, so on to the next.

Lay on your back, throw your legs over your head, and touch your toes to the ground... Just inches away from my head actually snapping off, I gave up on that "stretch" as well. A broken neck is no substitute for loose muscles.

No wonder the pictures were illustrations. These "stretches" are impossible for an average person!

Maybe pinners should start adding disclaimers: "Don't try this at home. The activities in the picture were performed by trained professionals. Failed attempts could cause injury, distress, and/or embarrassment."

What do you think? Have you experienced any Pinterest "fails"?