My New Oven: An Early Christmas Gift

Davy is delighted to be the owner of a new oven, a Dutch one.

I have been reading about the benefits of cooking with cast iron. I have also been wanting a Dutch oven. While putting together a Christmas wish list, I discovered a Dutch oven that was made of cast iron. As an added bonus, the lid can be used as a skillet. Even better.

After sending the list to family members, I realized that any Christmas gifts will have to fly home in my luggage. Due to the heavy nature of iron, the desired Dutch oven would help me meet the maximum luggage weight limit far too easily. The item weighs nearly twenty pounds.

Surprise! My mom, realizing the above issues, ordered the Dutch oven and had it delivered directly to me yesterday. Right now, it is cooking up a hopefully delicious roast.

Isn't my mom the best?
I knew the gift was dual purpose, but my husband suggested a third one: weight lifting.