Blog Silence and Play Food

You may have wondered why my blog fell silent for much of December. More likely, you were also busy in December and didn't have time to read blogs.

We spent the last ten days of December in a very cold place that we used to call home: Minnesota. I hate to further the idea that Minnesota is a frozen wasteland, but seriously, BRRR!! The temperature was below zero for a large portion of our time there. I don't really do "below zero." When the first cold blast hits my face, my brain stops working and my feet carry me quickly to the next warm place. Then, I spend the next hours or days trying to get the chill out of my bones.

Before you decide to avoid Minnesota for life, let me clarify. Fresh snow in the winter is beautiful. Summer in Minnesota is warm and green. The Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) offer some of the best parks, restaurants, and activities I've experienced. I really do like Minnesota, just not the cold weather.

Back to the purpose of this post: my reason for blog silence. Before leaving for Minnesota, I was busy making Christmas gifts for my nephew and niece. My sister and brother-in-law were making a play kitchen for their kids, so I made play food out of felt. The project was quite time-consuming and won my attention over the blog. Now that Christmas is over, I plan to get back to blogging.

For those of you trying to imagine what felt food looks like, here are the pieces I made:

What gifts did you make for Christmas?