It's the Little Things

My day has been made. After spotting a UPS truck in the parking lot, I was reminded to check the status of a recent Amazon order. It was supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Amazon told me the package was in town, but I tried not to hope this mid-morning truck would be the bearer. A knock on the door and a signature later, the package was in my hands. Woohoo!

You may be asking, "What was in the package?" Well, I'll tell you. Pens.

It's the little things, right? Special pens, assorted sticky notes, and colorful cards just make life more fun. Also, something about having anticipated items show up at your door is extra exciting.

Why did I order special pens? Well, my husband and I have been reading the same books lately. He is an avid reader and a ferocious underliner. If I read the book second, I am hard-pressed to find non-underlined text to underline (except the fluffy stuff between points, and who wants to underline that?). With a colorful pen, I can at least identify which one of us thought which text was important.

Not one to make a decision before confusing myself with too many options, I did my research. I wanted colorful pens that don't bleed through pages, even Bible pages. Nib size? I didn't even know what a nib was. It's the tip, by the way. After much research (like this), I decided on the Pigma Micron by Sakura. Now I want to read all day just so I can underline.

My new pens
In case you were wondering, I chose the 005 nib size.