Life After Radio

The radio was a significant part of my childhood. We listened to Ranger Bill and Adventures in Odyssey while cleaning the house on Saturday mornings. When riding with my dad in the tractor or hanging out with him in the shop, I would hear Focus on the Family, the news, or Rush Limbaugh playing in the background.

During teenage years, radio took a back seat to CD's and Napster (remember those days?). With the exception of occasional channel-surfing in the car, radio has faded out of my life. In fact, we don't even own a radio anymore.

A few years ago, I grew tired of listening to either music or nothing. That's when I discovered podcasts. Did you know that there are some REALLY good podcasts out there? Well, there are. The programs I listen to are also on the radio, but podcasts are much more convenient. I most often listen to the following:

  • This American Life - I'm not quite sure how to describe the show. The hosts often pick a topic, then highlight several stories related to that topic.  The stories might be funny, shocking, sad, or strange. By signing up for the podcast, you get one free podcast per week. Otherwise you can pay to download past episodes or listen to them for free online. I recommend starting with these episodes:
    • "Fiasco" - I have listened to this episode at least three times. The stories made me cry from laughing so hard.
    • "Harper High School, Part I" and Part II - If you have any interest in other cultures, listen to the two episodes about Harper High School in Chicago. You will get an inside look into a shocking culture within our own country. 
  • Revive Our Hearts - This show is geared toward Christian women. The host, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, is a good teacher. She chooses applicable topics and interviews fascinating people. Here are a few good programs:
Have you entered the podcast world yet? If so, what are your favorites?