A Doctor and a Plan

We now have a doctor and a plan. Our appointment yesterday went very well. Praise the Lord!

I was very nervous before the appointment, but felt a lot better after leaving. We chose an "aggressive" plan, so unpleasant tests are before me. Somehow, it still feels good to have a plan.

The doctor was very good. He listened well and presented options, but made it very clear that the decisions are up to us. Unlike our last appointment, we did not feel pressured in any particular direction.

My husband said it felt like the three of us were a team making a game plan together. What a blessing! When asked what our chances of conceiving are, the doctor replied, "Well, you are two healthy young people, so that's in your favor; however, you are two healthy young people who have been TTC for three years, so that's a strike against you, too." We are thankful that the doctor is realistic rather than a self-proclaimed miracle worker.

I have decided that a great doctor will listen to your questions about alternative medicine, discuss the possibilities with you, and then humbly give a recommendation. Rather than disregarding my question about chiropractic care, our doctor acknowledged that volumes have been written about infertility and that factors are complex. He said that it might be helpful to receive chiropractic care; however, if our finances are limited and we have already tried chiropractic care, he recommends focusing on testing for now. I was relieved, because chiropractic care was expensive.

For those of you who want details, the next month will involve an HSG, ovulation prediction, and blood work to test progesterone and prolactin. Onward we go!