Detective Davy Is Diffused

I haven't been feeling 100% well lately [don't worry, the story gets more interesting]. Nearly everyone I know has recently acquired a cold, a stomach bug, or the dreaded influenza. About two weeks ago, I started sneezing. That was about it at first. My nose wasn't very congested, although it would occasionally require me to sprint toward the nearest tissue in a nasal emergency. Eventually, I got a few other symptoms that helped my husband convince me to take it easy. Most of the symptoms went away in a few days. But not the sneezing.

I kept sneezing several times a day, my eyes watered, and my nasal passages seemed to be closing in. This morning, I decided to get to the bottom of this problem. Two weeks is too long. So, I saddled up my trusty steed, The Internet, and set out for an answer.

Is it a sinus infection? Nope, that diagnosis doesn't fit. A lingering cold? I don't think so. Could it be an allergy? I don't have allergies. Or do I?

And here, I was forced to review the facts of the case:

  • I got a little cold about two weeks ago. Most of the symptoms left within a few days.
  • The lingering symptoms seem to indicate an allergy.
  • I don't have any known allergies.
I began to wrack my brain, trying to think of anything that had changed toward the possible end of my cold. And then, I landed on the culprit:

Reed diffusers.

My lovely diffusers. They smell so good.
(Don't worry, they belong in separate rooms.)
One day when I was starting to feel better, I went to my favorite candle store. After having a lengthy chat with the cashier, I left with two candles and three reed diffusers. Due to several "Oh no, I forgot to blow out the candle" experiences lately, I thought the diffusers sounded like a good idea. 

Upon arriving home, I promptly placed one in each bathroom and one in the living room. As I dodged the scent clouds that day, it occurred to me that maybe all three at once in a small apartment wasn't the best idea. So, I aired out the apartment a little and vowed to be more careful in the future (as the reeds dry, the scent becomes more faint). 

The scent became more faint, and I forgot about the diffusers, except for noticing that the apartment smells good. 

According to the ever-reliable internet, a person can in fact be allergic to whatever it is that diffusers diffuse. Judging by the way I have been breathing better since the diffusers have been banished, I think that's my problem. Too bad! 

Have you ever heard of such an allergy? What's the strangest allergy you have heard of?