My Blogspirations

You might have noticed that I enjoy blogging. Maybe my two blogs (Davy's Delights and this one) gave it away.

While I enjoy blogging, reading the blogs of others gives me almost as much pleasure. Several blogs and posts rise to the top of my list:
  • "Diary of a Pale Girl" by Kate Conner - I thoroughly enjoy Kate's blog, but this post about tanning literally makes me laugh so hard I cry every time. You should read it for yourself, but here's a snippet: "The experience was a fair girl’s worst nightmare (besides, of course, staying pale forever). The salon was manned by a petite lady with skin the color of burnt sienna, and the whole place smelled like a coconut stuffed inside a sweaty sock." Seriously, read it!
  • "Buster Was No Facebook Dog" by my dad - I love my dad, and I loved my dog; therefore, this post was a winning combination.
  • Pinch of Yum by my college roommate, Lindsay - Lindsay's food blog is one of the reasons I decided to start blogging again. She and her husband, Bjork, have done a great job with the blog. Their blogger resources helped me get my blog up and running.
  • "going out on a limerick" by my sister, Jess - She offered to write a limerick for anyone who provided their name. The limericks were hilarious.
  • Twenty-Two Words - because posts like this and this are interesting and entertaining.
What are your favorite blogs and blog posts?

NOTE: None of these bloggers have asked me to recommend them. I am simply sharing my favorites with you.