Sometimes It Feels Like They Know

Sometimes little kids look at me funny. I know, little kids make a lot of strange expressions that maybe don't mean anything. But, sometimes it feels like they know. They know that I long to have kids, and they are sad that I don't.

Last week, a friend came over with her one-year-old son. The minute he walked in, he came to me and extended his arms to be picked up. I happily complied, and he was content to sit on my hip for quite a while. Before they left, he held his arms out to me again, even though he was already in his mom's arms. Again, I happily complied.

The other day, I enjoyed spending time with a new friend and her daughter, who is nearly two. Her daughter came to me on multiple occasions wanting to be picked up. Once up, she had no apparent plan. I felt special.

You know those babies that have "wise old soul" written all over them? They seem to look at me with compassion.

I'm not suggesting that these little ones ACTUALLY know, but that it sometimes feels like they do. Either way, I'm enjoying the toddler hugs. Can anyone relate?