Davy Dreams of Ducklings

Last night, I had a dream about ducklings. In the dream, I was somewhere with someone (dreams should really include more detail) when we came across ducklings. I was determined to hold one in spite of the protective mama duck. She bit me, but I still enjoyed holding the duckling for a minute.

[Side note: Since this dream had nothing to do with anything, I can only conclude that it means I need a pet. While babysitting the other day, I found myself petting a stuffed animal, a puppy in fact. I think it's time for us to get a dog.]

But back to ducks. My family had three pet ducks when I was young. A local farmer had accidentally killed their mother with a farm implement, but kindly incubated the eggs and gave the ducklings to us. My sisters and I cleverly named them Huey, Dewey, and Louise after Donald Duck's nephews. Louise was a girl, so she couldn't be named Louie. When they were young, we made a puddle-side home for them. As they grew, we took them swimming in small drain ditches. Since they had never known parents, they followed us as such. Eventually, we went swimming with them in our canal. All of us had a blast, even when we came up from the water to find a duck on our head. Louise was the first to join a flock of migrating mallards. Huey and Dewey weren't far behind. We were happy for them, but sad for us. The next year, we were pretty sure they stopped by to say hello. It's difficult to tell one duck from another, so we will never know.

I'm sure my duckling dream had nothing to do with Huey, Dewey, and Louise, but it was a reminder that I like ducklings. For Friday Fun tomorrow, I will feature cute ducklings.