Distractions and a Possible Delay

You may have noticed a lack of new posts lately. I apologize. At the same time, no new posts means I probably don't have new information and am not in need of typing therapy. So, the lack of new posts has been a good thing for me. I have been way too distracted to blog.

Last week, several friends came to town for an alumni event at C's law school. Although C ended up being out of town for the work part of the time, we both enjoyed several gatherings with friends.

On Sunday, my in-laws came to town. We were having far too much fun (in spite of another random snowstorm) for me to sneak away and blog.

Although infertility is a common topic of thought and conversation, distraction really helps. Who wants to mope around when there is something more fun to do? Not that moping is ever fun, but you know what I mean. Sometimes, we just need a distraction to snap us out of a downer mood.

In other news, the lab work that was supposed to happen soon may be delayed again. Maybe the HSG confused my body or maybe I got a little too distracted, but we might not be able to predict the right day to do the tests. I'm planning to contact my doctor today to see what he recommends. We are scheduled to meet with him next week to determine our next steps. Not having the lab results could prevent us from moving forward. It would be quite frustrating for a delay to directly be my fault, but there's nothing I can do about it now. We will see what happens.