Fine Meets Unfriendly

So, I was in the clinic for about ten minutes total and am just fine. The blood draw was quick and not bad.

On another note, I have decided to consciously be friendly. A simple smile, "please," and "thank you" really don't take much time or effort, but boy do they make a difference. When I called the clinic the other day, the lady said no unnecessary words. Zero. Rather than say, "May I have your name, please?" She demanded, "Name?" Then, "Date of birth." It was awkward, and I didn't feel cared about in the least.

Today, the phlebotomist was the same. "Sit here for me," she said. I said, "I haven't historically been great with needles." No response. No small talk. She just did her thing and left the room. Across the tiny room, another phlebotomist was making her patient feel comfortable by conversing with her. I awkwardly guessed how to exit. Hopefully, I wasn't supposed to check out or anything, because I didn't.

It's not that hard to be friendly. If you are in a job that deals with people, especially nervous people, you should make an effort to be friendly or at least warm. That's my two cents.

Anyway, I'm fine. The test results should be ready on Monday. I'll keep you posted.

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