Hockey, Museums, and Antiques, Oh My

Our weekend included a trip to D.C. In twenty-four hours, we enjoyed an NHL game, visited three historic places, and made many other stops.

C is a huge Vancouver Canucks fan, so his parents gave us tickets to a game against the Washington Capitals for Christmas. Unfortunately, the team traded our favorite player (Luongo) just a few weeks ago. As a result, the Canucks aren't very good and lost the game. We still had fun.

The next day, we explored the graveyard at Falls Church. If you have a chance, go there. Here's our favorite gravestone: 

We zoomed in a little too far on the picture, but here's what it says: "Daniel Dulaney, Esq. Died Dec 28th, 1818 in the 68th year of his age. A devoted husband, an affectionate father, an upright Magistrate, and a firm friend, respected by all for his attainments, loved by all for his virtues." What an inspiration!

After Falls Church, we stopped at Historic Blenheim and the Fairfax Museum. Blenheim was a family home used as a hospital and gathering place during the Civil War. Many soldiers signed their names, drew pictures, and even played games on the interior walls of the home. It's worth a visit.

On our way home, we were watching for antique stores. After happening upon one after it closed, we came upon a row of stores in a tiny town. A lady motioned to us that her store was still open, so we stopped. We found exactly what we were looking for: a new/old chair.

Only after we bought the chair did we figure out where on earth we were. I felt a little silly asking where we were, but the cashier didn't seem surprised. She said the town is about as big as what we saw from the road. Good ol' Ruckersville, Virginia.

We often talk about getting out to do things. It's so much easier to stay home, but this trip was a great reminder to pick a destination and just go.

What fun weekend road trips have you taken?