Clomid, Here We Come

I plan to start taking Clomid tomorrow. As far as treatments go, Clomid is pretty straightforward. I just have to take a pill every day for five days. Side effects can range from hot flashes to mood swings to cysts. Hopefully, the side effects are minimal (especially because I just started a new job), but success would be worth a few side effects.

After our last appointment, I started focusing on adoption, reading a book* and even researching adoption agencies. Now that the Clomid prescription has been filled, reality is sinking in. I'm even feeling a little hopeful, which is scary. Since my last post, several ladies have shared Clomid success stories with me. Also, I realized that this is the first actual treatment we have tried. There's a chance that it could work. A slight chance. Still, hope is sneaking in.

*We are reading the book Adopted for Lifeby Russell D. Moore. In my opinion, his personal journey through infertility lends credibility to his handling of adoption. I think it would be harder to take the message from someone who had not experienced infertility. If you have even a slight interest in adoption, I recommend reading the book.

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