Other People's Kids

Random post alert: This post is pretty much stream of consciousness. Read at your own risk.

We are in a phase of life where nearly everyone around us has kids. While wanting to join the parent club, I have been thoroughly enjoying other people's kids lately. Seriously, who wouldn't want to go for a walk with these little guys and their mommas?

Our "life twin" friends from the law school phase visited last weekend, and we got to meet their little guy. He's a precious, exuberant baby with the cutest pudgy hands. He tolerated me, but definitely liked my husband better. :)

Every Sunday, we get grins from cute and squirmy kids sitting in front of us in church. In addition, MANY friends and relatives are expecting to welcome new little ones in the coming months. I think the pregnant lady count in my immediate circles is at eleven. ELEVEN. Wow. I need to get working on those baby shower gifts!

All of that to say...kids are great. How many pregnant ladies are in your close circles? Can anyone top eleven?