Retraining My Brain

The other day, I sprayed propane on my head. Don't worry, it was only one ingredient of a dry shampoo. A few months ago, I wouldn't have tried anything that wasn't approved by the EWG Guide, which is very helpful, by the way.

Right now, I am trying to retrain my brain. I no longer want infertility to be the filter through which all decisions are made. Deli meat is a good example. I have heard that some deli meat can be harmful during pregnancy. For the last several years, pregnancy seemed just around the corner, so I generally avoided deli meat. The fact is that I am not pregnant, nor am I likely to be so in the future. Therefore, I can eat deli meat. See what I mean?

Before you become concerned about my health, let me assure you that I still plan to make healthy choices. Infertility prompted me to study and learn. I am just trying to use the information with a different focus. It is not about fertility anymore. I want to continue exercising for my overall health. If I continue avoiding sulfates in shampoo, it needs to be for overall health rather than fertility. My goal is to turn the infertility filter off in my brain. This task will not be easy, but freedom will follow.

Freedom, here I come.