Upbeat and Appropriate Music: Hard to Find

At my new job, I have the privilege of playing music at my desk. Since my desk is in the reception area, the music needs to be carefully selected. I have been trying hard to find songs that fit the following requirements:
  1. Not annoying (to me or other people). You know how some songs sound terrible from a distance? I want to spare my bosses from audio torture. In my opinion, a lot of contemporary Christian music falls into that category. Plus, I don't love the sound anyway.
  2. Upbeat. Music really affects my mood. I want to be chipper and efficient, not depressed and lethargic.
  3. Wholesome. Devoid of swearing, sex, and other inappropriateness.
By the end of the list, you may be saying, "Good luck!" Well, I need it. I am actually having quite a difficult time. Worship music can be good, but many songs are really slow or sound depressing. The words are good, but I won't be listening to the words at work anyway. 

Can you help me out? I'll show you a few of the songs that have made the list, then would love some suggestions. 
In my search so far, Jimmy Needham has been my favorite discovery. He reminds me of Michael Bublé a little.

Alright, music people. Let me have it! What songs should be on the list?