What A Difference A Towel Makes

After joining the YMCA, I was told how swimming is a great workout, good for the joints, blah, blah, blah. Sure it is. It also involves wearing a swimming suit, using a locker room, and entering a world completely foreign to me. Nevertheless, I was determined to try it. Eventually.

Today was the day. I dodged the locker room bullet by donning the proper attire at home. Pulling into the parking lot, I was pretty proud of myself. I was stepping out of my comfort zone into serious workout territory [queue the Rocky theme song].

Then it hit me: I forgot a towel. My one plan was to go swimming, and I forgot a towel. Talk about a rookie mistake. Everyone knows that swimming involves getting wet. How could I forget to bring a drying mechanism?

Confidence gone, I determined to follow through with my plan. I came here to swim, and by golly, I was going to swim.

After a relatively uneventful fifteen minutes of swimming and stopping to catch my breath, I pulled my dripping self out of the pool. "Play it cool, like I don't even need a towel," I thought, marching into the locker room and realizing how much water accompanied me.

Aha! I can dry off in the sauna for a few minutes. Wait, there's a sign that says, "Please towel dry before proceeding." Only one problem: Towel drying involves a towel, which I lack. A rule-follower by nature, I couldn't see a way around it; my only option was to proceed without a towel. So, I tentatively tiptoed toward the tiny sauna, only to find it occupied. Unsure of sauna protocol, I tiptoed back behind the sign, still dripping. What to do, what to do? Rather than stand there awkwardly dripping, I ducked into a shower stall. At least I could stand there dripping in private while collecting my thoughts. If I put my clothes on and exited the building rapidly, maybe I could be in my car before my clothes became drenched. That was the best plan so far. If you have ever tried putting dry clothes on a wet body, you can imagine the challenge that ensued. Rapid is not a great description. Slow and sticky is better. Okay now, make a break for it. Dodging strange looks and slipping around on my very wet flip flops, I made it to the car as a soggy mess.

Now, I'm home and exhausted, with water in my ear. But, I did it. Next time, I will bring a towel.

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