Paneling Meets Paint (Soon)

The basement in our new house needs some work. Thanks to Pinterest, I am prepared. The less-than-lovely wood paneling will be painted. The trim will be painted. Even the fireplace will be painted.

As much as I like choosing paint colors, I'm not great at matching tones. Have you noticed how many "white" paint colors there are? How in the world am I supposed to know which one goes with the color I like? On my mom's recommendation, I sought help at Sherwin-Williams [this is not an advertisement for Sherwin-Williams, just the truth]. Their color palettes are the largest I have seen, with twenty coordinating colors.

After hours evaluating paint swatches, my husband and I selected the palette for our new house: Rustic Refined. We plan to paint the trim "Creamy" throughout the house. In the basement, the wood paneling will be "Muslin," and the small non-paneling section of the wall will be "Copen Blue." I cannot wait to get started!

Our chosen color palette for the basement. The colors
seem to look darker on screen. "Creamy" is basically
white in real life.
Someday soon, I will show you an "after" picture. Until then, a Pinterest board will have to satisfy both of us.