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I recently came across a great idea in the blogosphere. On Thursdays, the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter share something from each of four categories: Pretty, Funny, Happy, and Real. Then, they give others the opportunity to share as well. Great idea, right? I'm going to try it.


My new shoes. I have a very hard time spending money. Not to mention, I have very little idea of what is in style these days. As a result, my closet is hurting. With the help of a friend, I found these cute flats at my typical store (Ross) and actually bought them. They will be perfect for an upcoming trip.


We close on our first house in three weeks. Isn't it lovely?


This conversation happened in our house recently. Yes, we were two childless adults eating hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, and jello for dinner. Feel free to judge us. 

Me [after retrieving a bouncy piece of hotdog from the carpet]: "Here, this furry one is for you."
Husband: "What do I look like, a gerbil?"
Me: "Why would a gerbil want a furry hot dog?"
Husband: "A gerbil is a furry hot dog."

Laughter ensued. 


Due to the house closing, moving is in our near future. This move will be our seventh in six years of marriage. Although I should be an expert, the thought of packing and unpacking is still less than lovely. The excitement definitely outweighs the dread, though. 

What is pretty, happy, funny, and real in your life?

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}