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An abandoned house we came across in our travels.

The past several weeks have been intense. Not only are we sleep-deprived and sore from too much painting, but

that pesky sliver

also keeps getting bumped. Recognizing that we needed a break, my in-laws blessed us with a one-night hotel stay in Richmond last weekend.

We had a great trip. After devouring gyros and tzatziki sauce (YUM!) at a lovely little Greek restaurant, we made ourselves return to the hotel to relax. Relaxing is difficult in a place like Richmond; there are so many things we want to see.

On our way home, we took back roads on purpose. Thanks to GPS, we got to enjoy the middle of nowhere while still knowing where we were going.


 Now that we live in a house, our lack of furniture has become apparent. We really want quality furniture, but are not willing to pay a lot for it. Don't we all? The couch and a small chair in our living room looked pretty lonely until this weekend. On our way through the countryside, we came to a flea market that was packed with furniture. 

We found a comfy chair for only $50, but weren't sure if the light blue would match the darker blue of our couch. Fortunately, I had brought a couch pillow along in case we happened to need it. Placing the pillow by the chair, we were amazed. Not only was the color perfect, but the fabric was also identical. We couldn't have found a better match! Our excitement took away any chance of bargaining, but the price was still great. We also found matching end tables and a coffee table. So now, our living room is ready for company.


I normally feel current or maybe even ahead of the curve. After all, I'm a blogger. I have Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram (granted, I was WAY behind with two of the three). I make picture collages and have taught myself some html. Then, I come across something like this: "SMH." Based on the placement and usage, I determine that it could be like "LOL." Since LOL became popular, the abbreviations have just kept coming:

YOLO = You Only Live Once

LMHO = Laughing My Head Off (apparently LOL couldn't quite get the point across)

IDK = I Don't Know

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

TBH = To Be Honest (because without that intro, people should assume whatever you say is a lie?)

Completely stumped, I had to look up "SMH" this morning:

SMH = Shaking My Head

What happened to using whole words anyway? IDK. SMH.


Sometimes, paint colors are not what you expect. My plan was to paint the basement paneling a light tan/beige. The paint swatch told me that's exactly what it was. But, oh, it wasn't. It was yellow. Our basement looks a little more like a farm kitchen than we expected, but at least it is bright and cheery. I might be painting these walls again sooner than expected.

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