Unexplained Infertility and the Eye Doctor

What could infertility possibly have to do with an eye doctor? Very little. Except for the fact that I went to the eye doctor today and that I have unexplained infertility. And also that unexplained infertility influenced my decisions at the eye doctor. 

Something is wrong with my body. Every test we tried came back normal, but something is wrong. Maybe I am just unable to bear children. Or maybe I have a brain tumor. Or maybe I have a disease. Or maybe my spine is so messed up that it is pinching nerves that control other important organs. Yes, it's a slippery mental slope that could make me paranoid.

I try not to be paranoid. However, upon learning that the "extra" eye tests could detect tumors and other problems, I could not resist.  Fifty extra dollars later, I heard the the standard "everything looks normal." While normal is good, the waste of money made me feel a little silly. Will I eventually be able to make decisions without running them past the infertility zone in my brain? No part of me wants to return to testing. Absolutely NO part of me. In fact, the eye doctor was as close as I plan to get to a clinic for a long time. Am I going to be looking for the answers forever? Will I forever be noticing weird (maybe imaginary) symptoms that could point to THE problem? Maybe, but I hope not.

On a lighter note, apparently my eyes are VERY responsive to dilating drops. At least, that's what the doctor said to the lady at the front desk. She looked up at me and said, "Woah! They sure are!" Thanks, guys. I marched out of the office with extra-long-lasting, extra-large pupils and the special sunglasses. As a result, the neighbors got to see this oddity driving past:

 Glasses over glasses. Because I'm fashionable like that.

Glasses over glasses. Because I'm fashionable like that.

Just keepin' it real, friends. 

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