Still Waiting, But Not Bored: Snow Days, Migraines, and a Wedding

Two full weeks have slipped away, and still no call from the social worker. With each day, we lose a little hope that these specific children will join our family. If nothing else was happening, we would be pretty sad. But alas, life has been crazy. Distractions can be so timely!

Last week, we traveled to Colorado for the wedding of a dear sister. She was a beautiful bride, and we enjoyed some quality time with family and friends. Colorado shared four full seasons of weather in only five days. At first, we took in some scenery in the seventy-degree weather.

 Garden of the Gods with the bride and groom.

Garden of the Gods with the bride and groom.

Only a few days later, snow crashed our bridal party photos. Brr. And I repeat: BRR! Smarty pants over here didn't even think to bring a coat for between pictures. Oh well. We lived. I don't have many great pictures, but the wedding was beautiful.

Wedding Collage.jpg

Because we didn't get quite enough snow in Colorado, this loveliness was waiting for us back home:

 Snowed in at the airport.

Snowed in at the airport.

Today, it snowed another six inches. Right now, freezing rain is making sure that the driveway will be nice and slippery tomorrow. Summer, please come soon! Louie and I were planning to stay home, but the snow made sure we did not reconsider. I was going to finish reading Mansfield Park, cook, clean, and do laundry. Instead, I shoveled the driveway and then came inside with a migraine. Vision issues are often my first clue to an approaching migraine, and today was no exception. Have you ever done that test at the DMV or eye doctor where you watch for something to move or flash? That's what my vision was like today, except everything I saw was moving, flashing, or blurry. I couldn't tell Louie's head from his tail, let alone see if he was behaving. I couldn't do anything but sit with my eyes closed. Thankfully, my vision issues cleared up just in time for the next symptom: numbness and tingling. Today, my tongue and arm got the brunt of it. Have you ever had that puffy-cheek, there-but-not-there feeling in your face after going to the dentist? That's how it feels. After all of that, the headache shows up. Thankfully, the weird symptoms give me enough warning that I can take drugs before the headache begins. The headache is usually not that bad. I would rather have a headache than all the other strange symptoms anyway. I almost forgot the strangest symptom: brain issues. All of a sudden, my words get all jumbled or I just forget the name of something. One time, I was staring at a hairbrush, but could not for the life of me remember what it was called. These moments are the most frightening, and I am always glad to leave them behind. 

 Left: Louie in the snow  Right: Louie in the snow plus a migraine

Left: Louie in the snow

Right: Louie in the snow plus a migraine

That's my ramble for the day. I hope you are warm and migraine free, Friends!