Musings, a Call, and a Bedroom

Yesterday at work, I found myself feeling down. A friend is in her last week of work and approaching the end of her pregnancy. She is about to turn the corner from working at a job to working as a mom. She is walking into a new phase. Without noticing, I had been musing about how long that transition has eluded me. "My jobs have been good," I thought, "but I have always expected to leave them for motherhood. And yet, here I am still working away."

And then, my phone rang.

It was the social worker.

She wondered if we would consider fostering the two children we were contacted about several weeks ago. Gulp.

We said yes.

Right now, we are preparing a kids' bedroom. We do not know if our saying yes means that these specific children will be joining our family, but our first step is preparing for a home study. To pass a home study, we need a kids' bedroom. IF they join our family, it will be soon. Possibly in the next few weeks. AHHHH!!!! 

Friends, family, and church family are excited with us and doing everything they can to help. Office furniture has been moved out, people have offered beds, bedding, and much more. Nothing has even happened yet, and I'm already amazed at God's provision.

My favorite "God thing" so far was in an email from my pastor's wife. After hearing the news, she responded that she had just been praying for us an hour before: exactly when I was on the phone with the social worker! Isn't that cool? May God be glorified in this situation. We know there will be struggle, but are excited (and nervous) to jump in. Here we go!!