This Is Really Happening!

...or so we have been told. We are learning that foster care does not involve a lot of certainty. Since both of us are list-making planners, the flexibility has already been a struggle. Good for us, but not easy.

We received the long-awaited call on Thursday night. The social worker confirmed that we should be moving forward. She also said we should meet the kids as soon as possible and plan to bring them home next weekend! Friends are helping us gather items, make lists, toddler-proof the house, and stay relatively calm. Not fully calm, just not on the ceiling with panic, excitement, and a million other feelings. Deep breaths.

Today, we are waiting for another call. This one will be to schedule a meeting with the kids. Next Thursday, a home coordinator will visit our house to make sure it is safe. My understanding is that the visit will be a very abbreviated version of a home study. Steps that we expected to complete in months will be done in days instead. Assuming everything goes well, the transition should happen next weekend.

This life change is exciting for us, but my heart is also heavy for these little ones. Can you imagine going to live with strangers? I can't. How terrifying. I want to just scoop them up and make everything better, but to them I am a stranger. What would feel natural and comforting to me might actually be scary to them. This process is going to be so complicated and tough. 

We are intentionally entering a messy process that will certainly cause pain and probably bring joy. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.