Last weekend, I was writing a blog post in my mind. It was going to be about the physical symptoms I was having at the thought of possibly never having kids at all. I thought I had processed the idea before, but found myself catching my breath and feeling anxious over it all of a sudden. 

But then things changed. We were contacted about a specific foster care situation. The first step in our foster-care process is the information session tomorrow. Then, we were expecting (and still plan) to do several weeks of training and a home study. Some time after that, we could get a call. We were thinking summer at the very earliest. Instead, we could have children in our home in a matter of weeks. I cannot tell you details due to confidentiality rules, which I don't even know yet. Remember, training doesn't start until tomorrow. 

At first, we panicked. The kid room is still an office. We have a few books and toys, but that's it. We have done zero child-proofing. We have done a little bit of reading, but are certain the training would be very helpful. 

Next, we started imagining life with kids. Woah! Seriously. After so many years of waiting, we could suddenly have little ones running around our house. Imagine!

Now, we are waiting. Waiting to hear from a social worker. Praying for the children to end up in the family best suited for them. Hoping that we are that family. Thinking of ourselves as a family for the first time, not just a couple. 

This is a nail-biter, folks. Please pray.