Chaos and Cuteness

With so many changes, life is bound to be chaos for a while. The four of us are learning how to be a family. Let me let you in on a little secret: FOSTER CARE IS NOT EASY! We have been through some tough situations in the last two weeks. Just when we feel alone, like nobody else has dealt with this stuff, we come across an article like this one. You may have heard that adoption always begins with trauma. Kids should be raised by biological parents that love and care for them well. When that ideal beginning is disrupted, the child experiences trauma. Not only is foster care not ideal, it is traumatic. And heartbreaking. And really, really hard. 

And yet, we love our boys. The tough moments are interspersed with giggles and hugs and excessive amounts of singing at the top of little lungs. And cuteness. Can you even handle this cuteness?