Praise the Lord for a Brave Social Worker

Our home study was moved from yesterday to this morning due to a snow and ice storm. Around here, EVERYTHING shuts down for bad weather. We thought the home study would be rescheduled again for sure. However, our social worker braved the icy roads to get to our home at the scheduled time. Praise the Lord! The home study part was more of a house tour; the rest of the meeting was us peppering her with questions and her patiently answering every single one. 

So, what does this step mean? It means that we will be parents tomorrow! Tonight, we will bring the boys home for a short visit. Tomorrow, they will come home to stay. We are excited/nervous/overwhelmed/so much more. This is crazy.

Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement. We feel very blessed.

This morning, I came across Romans 4:18a, which says "Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed." I need to stop giving up so easily and learn a lesson from Abraham.