Less Bitter, More Sweet: On Recent Baby News

One day, you are floating along in the sea of infertility, when "BAM," a baby news wave smashes into you. Through four years of infertility, I have been broadsided with more pregnancy and birth announcements than I can count. Some brought tears. A few caused the ugly cry. Others made me feel numb. All of them were bittersweet.

Until now. My little sister had a baby last month. I had always said her pregnancy and baby news would be the hardest. Being left in childlessness by your friends and peers is tough, but being preceded into parenthood by a younger sibling is just that much harder. Trust me, we've been there already

Except, it wasn't. The news of my new niece's birth was a little strange, but not bitter. Being far away may have been bitter, but the news was sweet. Two pregnancy announcements received in the last few weeks have been sweet, not bitter. While I would like to say that God has scooped the root of bitterness out of my life, more likely I am just distracted by other circumstances and emotions. Also, my arms aren't empty these days; they are occupied with two energetic boys. 

Another day, my arms may ache with emptiness again and the struggle against bitterness may be more difficult. For now, I will enjoy truly rejoicing with the bearers of baby news.