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I have not participated in {pretty, happy, funny, real} at Like Mother, Like Daughter for a long time, but it remains one of my favorite blog ideas. Please feel free to leave a comment about what's pretty, happy, funny, and real in your life.


We traveled up North to visit family at the lake. What the water lacked in temperature, it made up for in beauty. 

Sunset Kiss at the Lake.JPG


Entering the basement this morning, I was surprised to find a puddle. A puddle is never a good sign in a basement. Quickly assessing the scene, I noticed that the sump pump had failed to do its job. Uh-oh. Also, water seemed to be gushing out of the water heater.  Double uh-oh. I turned off the dehumidifier, and the gushing stopped. Okay, partial crisis averted; the gushing had been caused by the dehumidifier working properly and draining toward the sump pump. However, that gunky puddle (see below) was not going anywhere.

I promptly sent text messages to both Hubby and my dad. Hubby was in the middle of an event at work, but managed to provide the contact info for our plumber. Dad and I began a text discussion that went something like this:

"What do you do when a sump pump isn't working?" I ask.

"See if the float is stuck," he replies.

Feeling like Mrs. Fix-It, I begin to prematurely pat myself on the back. I am going to fix the sump pump all by myself. "What a second," I think. "What's a float?"

Before I can ask, Dad sends another text: "And don't get electrocuted."

"Maybe the plumber route would be better," I think, but decide to video chat with Dad before making the call. 

A plumber not called is a budget not busted.

He basically told me to wiggle a little bar. When that little bar was wiggled, the pump sucked all the water away in a jiffy. TA-DA! Maybe I can be Mrs. Fix-It after all. Regardless of my future career as a handywoman (or lack thereof), I fixed the sump pump problem. The way I see it, a plumber not called is a budget not busted. 

 Aftermath of the sump-pump puddle. You can see the water line. Gross.

Aftermath of the sump-pump puddle. You can see the water line. Gross.


This guy. You may notice that his fur looks wet. In fact, his fur IS wet. Why? Because he decided to join me in the shower today. 

Wet Dog - Louie the Schnoodle


I haven't touched this bedroom since the days the boys left. My mom washed the linens and made the beds that week. The only times I have entered the room is to toss stray kids' things on the bed. Hubby asked if I wanted the room to become an office again. No, I don't. I want to pretend it isn't there. That empty room might stay empty forever, just like our arms.

Empty Kids' Room