Infertility & Beyond

What a journey we have been on! Infertility was a surprise. Our adoption plans were disrupted, but only by us. Now, we are suddenly parents of two boys. Whew!

Here is a summary of our journey:

  • January 2011- Stopped prevention, assuming pregnancy was only months away.
  • August 2011 - Moved across the country.
  • May 2012 - Discussed infertility with doctor for the first time. Ultrasound revealed no problems.
  • August 2012 - Moved away from doctor.
  • March 2013 - Met with new doctor. Test results ruled out male factor infertility and revealed normal hormone levels. Doctor ordered HSG, then recommended visiting a specialist. 
  • July 2013 - Moved across the country again.
  • February 2014 - Met with new doctor. Create a plan for further testing.
  • March 2014 - Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) done. Slight scar tissue revealed on one side. Not enough to change previous plan.
  • April 2014 - Lab results normal. First round of Clomid.
  • May 2014 - After Clomid fails, decide to stop testing/treatments. Plan to take summer off and pursue adoption in September.
  • September 2014 - Attend a domestic infant adoption session. Decide not to proceed. Discuss adoption through foster care.
  • February 2015 - Attend foster care information session. Plan to begin training licensure process.
  • Late February 2015 - Learn about a specific foster care situation.
  • March 2015 - Bring home two boys.
  • May 2015 - First foster care placement suddenly ends.