The Infertility Conundrum

Dear Lord,

We are in the middle of the infertility conundrum. We have been officially told that we fit the description of infertility and can see a specialist. The tests are invasive, expensive, inconvenient, and more.

How far do we take this process? How much money should we spend? Should money matter? When should we (or should we) adopt instead? I am not thrilled to go through the testing already, but fear shouldn't stop me, I suppose.

Please guide us. I know that You open and close the womb, so some (all) of the efforts seem somehow futile. But, You could put us through this trial to refine us before opening my womb. So much to think about! I feel peace in Your plan and excitement about adopting. But, we would love to have biological children, too.

Please help us communicate clearly with each other and remain on the same page throughout the process. Please help us to root out sin in our lives and honor You now and always.

In Jesus' Name,