Praise the Lord for blessing me with a wise husband! On a walk, he listened patiently to my newly acquired “knowledge” and the corresponding confusion.

[Side note: I am starting to doubt that knowledge is power; knowledge seems to be stress in this internet age. Have you ever looked up your symptoms online? You will become convinced that death is around the corner]

Anyway, back to our walk. My wise and patient husband listened to me unload, then discussed options with me:
  1. Drastically change the way we live. Our grocery expenses would increase exponentially, we would have to invest in kitchen items (juicer, blender, etc.), and I would have to learn how and what to cook. 
  2. Forget about the research and keep on keeping on. 
  3. Make reasonable changes where we can. If gluten is a problem, I can cut down on my gluten intake. If canned goods are bad, I can choose jars when available.
We chose option three. Making a drastic change is not feasible right now. I will take reasonable steps with our diet, such as adding more vegetables and making sourdough bread. The sourdough process makes gluten easier for our bodies to handle.