A Kind Announcement

We are now in round two (or three) of friends having babies. We missed the first (and second) rounds completely. This one is harder.

I am very thankful to the friend who announced her pregnancy so gently. Having briefly struggled with infertility, she understands the mixture of pain and joy at pregnancy announcements. I appreciated her method for several reasons:
  • She made sure we were alone. Tears can be close to the surface, and pregnancy announcements may or may not make them overflow at bad times. By telling me privately, she gave me the freedom to cry in private rather than in front of others.
  • She told me directly and in person. Knowing the announcement could cause pain, she could have taken an easier route like a Facebook post or text message. The news would have been even more painful second hand.
  • She verbally acknowledged that the announcement could cause me pain. Her care and concern for me softened the blow. 
  • She gave me an opportunity to celebrate with her. Pregnancy announcements are exciting and joyous. My desire to have what she has should not be allowed to rob me of joy for her.
Thankfully, the tears waited until she was gone. Then, I retreated into a world of tissues and prayer journals.