So Much for "Aggressive"

We've hit a snag in our "aggressive" plan.

In any cycle, there are five days during which an HSG can be done. As a result, I am supposed to call the clinic on Day 1 to schedule the HSG for a day between Days 7 and 11. It just so happens that Days 7 and 8 are over the weekend, so we are down to three days.

This morning, the clinic called to tell me that the hospital facility was only available one day and that my doctor is not available that day. So, we have to wait until at least next month.

While I wasn't exactly looking forward to the HSG, we were excited to do something that could actually increase our chances of conception. Now, we are back to observation.

Delays like this bring to mind all the "helpful" stories I have been told:
  • "I know so many people who got pregnant as soon as they started the adoption process." 
  • "My friend got pregnant as soon as she scheduled an infertility appointment."
They make me wonder if God will come through with a last-minute miracle, if He just wanted us to take steps in obedience but really planned to have us conceive naturally anyway. 

He could do that. Or, He may not be done refining us through infertility yet. With a mixture of hope and reservation, we endeavor to trust Him as we wait.