If Only There Was an App for That

If I want to get somewhere, I enter the destination into the map app on my phone. The handy app will then show me the fastest routes available and approximately how long each route would take. I can choose an alternate if desired, but the app will automatically send me on the fastest route otherwise.

Wouldn't it be nice to plug a life goal into an app and have the route options presented to us? At this phase, I would be looking for the best routes to having children. With the destination plugged in, I could evaluate the options and pick one.

Unfortunately, there's no app for that. So, we are left trekking various avenues trying to choose the best next step. Infertility treatments might be a dead end, but we won't know unless we try. Adoption might be the longest route, but it might be the only one that actually reaches the destination. Foster care to adoption might be the fastest and least expensive route, but it also has the highest possibility of long-term struggles. I could honestly get excited about any of the routes, but I wish the best one was obvious. If only there was an app for that.

Thankfully, God instituted this wonderful thing called marriage. My husband is somewhat (or WAY) better than I am at making decisions. I can put myself through all the confusion of internet "research" and get overwhelmed with all the options. When I blurt out all the chaos to him, he usually brings clarity to the situation. Then we can agree on a next step.

We are currently trying the fertility treatment route. At this point, both of us are hopeful that it will take us to the destination. So, we travel on.