Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Sorry, Ladies. I took the best husband. At least, the best husband for me. Here are a few of the reasons:
  1. He loves the Lord. No matter how difficult our journey has gotten, he has kept fighting to seek and honor Christ in it.
  2. He loves me. Even when I'm grumpy or a demanding control freak. 
  3. He is a gentle comforter. This last year has involved more "ugly cry" moments than any year before. He has been there to hold me every time, even when he is hurting, too.
  4. He is wise. When I take on too much, he tells me. When I reason myself in circles, he points me straight again. 
  5. He is brilliant. Seriously, start talking law, theology, or sports with him. And good luck to you. His head is crammed full of information; however, unlike many brilliant people, he is still able to hold a normal conversation.
  6. He is truly my partner. Whatever we do, we prefer to do together. We are cooking partners, cleaning partners, reading partners, lazing partners, walking partners. If criminal activity was our thing [FYI, it's not], we would be partners in crime, I'm sure.
  7. He is my protector. I am a very big wimp. If something rustles in the bushes as we walk past, he is ready as I hide behind him. Armed man, mouse, or spider, he would take anything on to protect me.
  8. He manages our finances meticulously. If I buy two items at the dollar store without telling him, I can expect a phone call. Not because I need permission, but just to make sure it was me. He knows where every dollar fits in our budget. Any flexibility in our finances is due to his careful management. I am thankful.
  9. He is ticklish. There is something wonderful about being able to reduce a big, very strong man to convulsions. Someone once said it's God's gift to small wives, or something like that. 
  10. He is good looking. And big. And VERY strong. And tall. :) Some guys have a 5 o'clock shadow. I'm pretty sure he has a 10 a.m. shadow. He could grow a beard with the best of them, but he doesn't because his wife is not a fan of facial hair. 
Happy Birthday, Best Friend. You are my favorite.  I love you!