{pretty, happy, funny, real} - Charleston and Our New House

Today, I am linking up with the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter again for {pretty, happy, funny, real}.


If you have never visited Charleston, South Carolina, I encourage you to go. We only had a few hours to spend there, but loved every minute. This lovely little space was between two old homes on a historic street.


Don't these flowers look happy to you? We found this colorful flower box outside an attorney's office on our walk through Charleston.


"Funny" may not be the right word, but I choose to laugh. We found this pile and MUCH more under the fridge in our new house. The cat smell needed to go, but we had no idea the source was so...abundant. I can see how cat hair and even cat food could gather under the fridge, but mail? You know those styrofoam trays that raw chicken comes in? We found one of those under the stove. Bleh! The kitchen is clean now and smells so much better. Progress feels good.


We bought thirteen gallons of paint and primer the other day. After carrying my paint swatches around for weeks, I changed the color scheme at the last minute. Rookie mistake? Maybe. The colors here are a little brighter than reality, but you get the idea. We have our work cut out for us. 

What is pretty, happy, funny, or real in your life?

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